Weekend With Mclaren 570S

I recently spent 36 hours living with a McLaren 570S.

For a 650S owner, first impressions are very misleading.  The 570S looks very much like a junior version of the 650S and the view from the driver’s seat is very familiar.  However, to truly appreciate the 570S the first thing you have to realize is it is not a lite version of the 650S.  With the 570S, McLaren has created a completely new and different car.  As a 650S owner, it takes the better part of a day to get your head around this.  Once you do, the experience changes from moderately disappointing to highly enjoyable.

On first impression, there is no mistaking the 570S lineage.  When walking slowly around the car, strands of DNA from both the 650S and P1 are clearly visible.  From the front and side, the 570S appears to be slightly smaller than the 650S but when checking the actual dimensions this turns out to be an illusion.  Where the 650S appears hunkered down and aggressive, the 570S has more of a lightness to its lines.  The interior continues with the same lineage approach.  The steering wheel, dashboard, and key controls all have a very familiar look and feel to them.  Like

on the P1, all the HVAC controls are now embedded in IRIS.  I personally prefer the 12C/650S location on the door arm rest.  The one major annoyance though is the new electric seat controls, both the placement and layout are a move in the wrong direction.

As the 570S is designed to be a car you can live with everyday, that is exactly how we went about using it.  Our first few hours together were spent doing errands in the city along with a few short blasts on the highway. Like all McLaren’s, in traffic it was extremely well behaved.  Parking is easy and the doors seem to need less clearance to open than those on its larger siblings.  The ride though is very different and this took a bit of time to get used to.  While the 650S feels glued to the pavement and dispatches potholes with easy, the 570S feeds back a lot more information on the condition, or lack there of, of the road surface.  Net net, the ride quality feels much more conventional.  Pushing it a bit, the 570S changes directions brilliantly and confidently.  It goes right where you point it.  Mash your right foot down and it does pick up speed smartly but not quite with the face contorting warp speed impact of other McLarens.  The net on this though is you feel much more comfortable pushing a bit in more situations as you will not be near instantly risking incarceration should you flex your right ankle a tad too far.

The McLaren 570S is technically a sports car.  Personally I see it as more as a junior supercar that is as livable as a sports car.  This is a tough trick that McLaren has pulled off well.  My net takeaway after spending 36 hours and doing a bit over 120 miles in the 570S.  This car has to make the people at Porsche, Audi, and Ferrari very nervous.  Yes, I even included Ferrari in the group as once the 570S Spider starts production, it is going to take a huge bit out of Ferrari California sales.

Thoughts and comments? Please see the comments section below.

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2 Thoughts on McLaren 570S
    David Bath
    26 Feb 2018

    I have covered about 10k miles in 2 different 570s that I have owned for the last year. I have owned an F40 for 10 years, have owned 911 Turbo, Nissan GTR etc etc

    My current car is a 2016 storm grey 570S, bought used, with every conceivable option. I bought it to just drive, enjoy and cover miles in. I wanted something that is un-intimidating, something that can just be ‘used up’.

    The car is just a joy. I tried 458/ 458 Speciale/ 488 and spider, and R8 before i bought it, but the feel of the car is something really unusual. You sit low, with a cab-forward layout. Wheel high up, mirrors almost at eye level. The car feels lithe, light, pointy and exciting. The 488 felt very solid, but slightly heavy in comparison.

    I drove mine on 3 long European road trips in the last year. In one trip i drove 4K miles in 5 days. The car never squeaked, rattled or skipped a beat. It returned over 30mpg with hard driving (including a long 150mph stint on German autobahn). It is utterly comfortable, perfectly sprung. If you plant your foot in the carpet, i could not imagine wanting a faster ride.

    My only quibbles: testing oil level seems like i need to stand on one leg with one arm out f the window, while looking east between 3 and 4am to get a reading (why is this so difficult?) the IRIS 2 is better than IRIS, but that’s not saying much: i spent an hour going around in circles outside of Bremen..

    I would recommend the car to anyone. At 50% off a decent spec 488, it is a fabulous, fabulous piece of kit.

    PS – i am thinking of swapping mine for a 570GT sport pack.


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