What to Watch, Who to Listen Too

So, as a car enthusiast in lock down, how do you spend your time?  It’s a question a few of my friends have been asking each other over the past couple of months.  The hope behind the question is always that someone has discovered some new exciting show, vlog, or podcast to pleasantly soak up time.  As Covid-19 restrictions of some form remain in place in many locations and are likely to continue for some time, I thought it might be worth sharing a few of my favorites and recommendations.

The Big Screen

Two fairly recent must see movies for any pistonhead are Ford vs Ferrari (titled Le Mans ’66 in parts of Europe) and Rush.  Both feature great racing scenes and are built around compelling stories.  Equally as entertaining is the Netflix series Formula 1 – Drive to Survive.  There are now 2 seasons of ten episodes each available.  This series alone is worth the price of a Netflix subscription.  Senna and The Gentleman Driver are two more Netflix shows worth the time to watch. 

The Small Screen

In full transparency, I am generally not a fan of vlogs and don’t spend much time on YouTube.  The beauty of YouTube is it allows anyone with a GoPro and Laptop to share their thoughts, and creativity.  The downside is exactly that, a huge sea of video vacuousness.  Abraham Lincoln summed up the situation: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” There are however a few YouTube Channels that are well worth watching as they are informative, insightful, and well produced:

Top on my list is Harry’s Garage. Harry was the founder of EVO Magazine and is an avid car collector.  Harry’s has owned everything from a Pagani Zonda to a Fiat 500.  His videos are insightful, cover a diverse range of cars, and his views carry a huge amount of credibility personally as a fellow owner of similar machinery. Harry’s vlogs tend to run 20-30 minutes each and normally just cover one car or subject in a good level of depth.

Following Harry, next on my list is Carfection featuring the only automotive journalist I would trust to drive our Ferrari F40 from Switzerland to the UK, Henry Catchpole.  Carfection’s videos are beautifully produced.  They cover a wide range of cars from a Ferraro 250LM to a McLaren Senna and just about everything in-between.  Henry is quite good on camera.  The videos are both entertaining and have a nice depth of insight.  At 5-15 minutes each in general, it’s a good way to soak up a bit of free time.

Last on this list is Throttle Dogs.  Throttle Dogs is C.J. Wilson and Dr. Rich Ha, basically two hard core petrolheads talking cars.  As a professional athlete and car dealership owner, C.J. brings a different focus and intensity to the conversation.  Both C.J. & Rich really know their cars and the banter back and forth between he two is engaging.  Unfortunately, it looks like they used up the entire production budget on the first vlog as those that follow have far more of a “home movie” charm to them with several just being podcasts.  All are still however compelling to listen to.


I have never been a big one for podcasts, but DriveNation’s are excellent.  Dan Prosser and Andrew Frankel are two talented automobile journalists with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience between them.  The discussions are well researched, the topics interesting, and the information timely.  They tend to be just under an hour in length with a new podcast posted weekly.


Hope you enjoy the above and please share your favorites in the comment section below.

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May 2020

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One Thought on What to Watch, Who to Listen Too
    25 May 2020

    I was hoping to add a comment to highlight all the content creators you’ve missed but… You’ve picked all the ones I love! The only other ones I really would recommend are the collecting cars podcast with Chris Harris and Edward Lovett – they have a really good list of characters they’ve interviewed with fascinating stories to tell. On YouTube I really enjoy watching the car wizard. He has some interesting cars through his shop and I really enjoy watching a good mechanic do things I can only dream of in a very laid back and informative way.

    Wasn’t really expecting much of the formula 1 show on netflix but it was really excellent. Much better than I ever thought it would be. Even though you know what happens it really immerses you in the drama and suspense of the season. Definitely worth a watch!

    Would agree with you on YouTube on general though – far too many idiots shouting about the latest supercar and what wrap they should apply to it. I’ll stick with Harry’s Garage thanks!


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