Book Review: McLaren The Road Cars 2010-2024 by Kyle Fortune

If Oxford or Cambridge University ever decide to offer a history course on the McLaren Automotive Road Cars, Kyle Fortune has just written the first book that would be required reading for this class.  The book very much reads like a biography of the cars, written by an individual who was present throughout the development journey.  In 15 short years, McLaren has produced a portfolio of supercars that have set new benchmarks for the industry.  It’s clear that Kyle had unprecedented access inside McLaren and to the teams developing these extraordinary supercars.  The multiple quotes from Chief Test Driver, Chris Goodwin, are hugely insightful.  Kyle nicely balances a wealth of technical details, with in-period quotes from some of the leading international Auto Journalists.  These quotes add both color and context to the impact these cars had at their launch.  Kyle does a nice job of avoiding the politics that always accompany cars of this nature and sticks to the facts.

Personally, I found the book fascinating.  As a fellow traveler on the McLaren Automotive journey, albeit from a customer’s standpoint, the amount of new information that Kyle provides is quite impressive.  His insights on the multiple “specials” that McLaren has produced over the last decade is extraordinary.  I have to admit, a few of these MSO special projects, like the MSO Carbon Series LT & MSO R, I had not heard of before.  The book is well laid out, easy to read, and beautifully illustrated with multiple great pictures, many of which will never have been publicly seen before.


McLaren The Road Cars 2010-2024 is a highly recommended read for any McLaren owner and enthusiast.


McLaren : The Road Cars, 2010–2024

By Kyle Fortune and Foreword by Jay Leno

9780764367311 published by Schiffer Publishing

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February 2024


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2 Thoughts on Book Review: McLaren The Road Cars 2010-2024 by Kyle Fortune
    18 Feb 2024

    McLaren’s MP4-12C gave Ferrari a bloody nose.

    Every Ferrari since then has been much improved.

    Every McLaren since builds upon the success of their previous car.

    The world of supercars has been improved in the last 15 years by McLaren entering the market.

    18 Feb 2024

    I agree, fascinating read, beautifully presented and pretty well-written. I could have used a little more criticism from the author — after all, some McLarens are better than others, and a small number have kinda missed their mark — but I guess he kinda covers that side of things with the quotes from journalists. Overall, though, terrific book.


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