First Impressions – The SCG 004S

Back in October 2020, I posted an update on the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) 004s’ development (It Lives – SCG 004). At that point in time, the SCG 004C had just completed the 24 Hours Nürburgring race where it finished a highly respectable 14th overall out of 74 classified finishers in its first 24-hour race. It was also at Nürburgring that the road version of the SCG 004, the SCG 004S, prototype made its initial public appearance. The SCG 004S was driven on a parade lap of the circuit by Jim Glickenhaus in the rain just two days after construction was completed. I know this created quite the impression as I have had a number of supercar collectors reach out to me looking for more information on SCG immediately afterwards.

Roll forward nine months and I have now had a chance to visit the new SCG factory in Danbury, Connecticut and see a couple of the 004S development mules.  I was very fortunate to have Jim Glickenhaus provide a personal tour and walk through on the 004S’s development.  Jim had been in Portugal for the SCG 007s maiden race on the prior Sunday, he flew back to the US the following day, and then came to meet me at the factory on Tuesday morning.  This was way above and beyond.  Jim’s enthusiasm and energy is truly inspiring.  


The SCG 004S, and the more track focused SCG 004CS, will be the first fully road legal three-seater with center driving position sold in the US. The SCG 004 is built around a carbon fiber tub, with all carbon fiber body panels. The SCG 004S is powered by a supercharged 650 bhp V8 supplied by GM.  The SCG 004S comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox supplied by Graziano and the suspension is inboard pushrod.  The more track focused version of the SCG 004, the SCG 004CS, will have an extra 200 bhp, paddle shift gearbox, center lock wheels and more aggressive aero.

SCG is now moving full speed ahead with final development and testing on the 004S.  While the initial prototypes were built at a workshop in Italy, production is ready to start at the new Danbury factory.  The first set of crash test have been successfully completed.  Work on the electronics is ongoing and should be completed by the end of the summer.  From what I understand, our SCG 004S will likely be delivered in September/October.  It will be exactly two and a half years since we put our deposit down.  This is about on par with the timeline from deposit to delivery on both the McLaren P1 and Senna and less than half the time it’s taken either Aston Martin to develop the Valkyrie or Mercedes Benz with the Project one.


Sitting in the driver’s seat in one of the 004 development cars, there is a significant amount of both head and leg room with the fully adjustable Sabelt seat and adjustable steering column.  The driving position feels near perfect, and visibility is excellent given the large wrap around windshield.  The large metal gated shifter is intuitively placed on the right and slightly forward.  The gearbox action felt firm and has a wonderful metal “clink” when you slot each gear.  All the controls are within easy reach and the dashboard gauges are aesthetically clean and easy to read.  A quick glace down from the road will give you all the key information you need.  The cockpit on the road cars is very light and airy with the glass roof.  Almost as impressive as the amount of room the driver has, is the set up on the two passenger seats.  Both passenger seats are mounted just behind the driver’s seat which provides extra leg and shoulder room.  The left side passenger seat can comfortable accommodate an individual up to 6’4” and on the right side on the manual gearbox versions, it’s a bit more modest 5’10”.  Either side is far more comfortable than the back seats in any 2+2 I have ever sat in. The build quality and attention to detail, even on the development mules, was very impressive.

A bit of background on SCG, they have been around as a race car manufacturer and team since 2010.   The big change however came in July 2017 when SCG registered with NHTSA in order to make road-legal cars in the United States.  The SCG 004 is SCG’s second car after the multi race winning 003.  The SCG 004S/CS is really SCGs first production road car and it met all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  SCG has aggressive plans for a full range of road and race cars which I touched on in an earlier article “The Ambitious Plans of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus”.  If all goes to plan, SCG will be on the grid at Le Mans next year with two SCG 007 in the Hypercar Class.  SCG is offering a completely Le Mans race support package for $6 million, including the car, for Sebring, Spa, and Le Mans.  SCG has also indicated that they will build 25 road legal 007s if there is sufficient interest.

What has been totally different to any other car I have ever ordered is the mount of transparency Jim & Jesse Glickenhaus provide not only on the SCG 004’s development, but also on all the other cars SCG is developing.  The Glickenhaus’ regularly post updates to a private message feed and provide information to the depositors well before its public release.  The message feed is a fascinating learning process, starting with the design and then moving through the build process as different components of the car come together, are tested, and improved upon.  It’s been a totally unique experience.  The net result is that I feel much more part of the company than simply being a customer.  The company Jim & Jesse are building is tailored for today’s world.  Its open, accessible, authentic, transparent, with a large real time social media presence.  Its customers are invited inside the company and feedback is not only welcomed, its expected.

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10 Thoughts on First Impressions – The SCG 004S
    Jim Glickenhaus
    4 Jul 2021

    Both 004S and CS will use a Cima gearbox
    S 650Hp manual 6 SP
    CS 750 paddle 7 SP

    Josh Stephenson
    5 Jul 2021

    I love everything about these guys. I sent a email a few months ago on a random Sunday night, just with a dealer question regarding Canadian vehicles. I had a email from Jesse before 9:00am the next morning…. Unbelievable service and although probably silly, it feels very cool to be conversing with someone who’s name is on the car.

    Congratulations on your upcoming car and can’t wait to read about you ownership experience. Would love to call myself a owner one day.

    5 Jul 2021

    Starting to really like this car, much better in person compared to the renders. Congrats!

    Questions about the interior. Is there a pic of what the interior will look like? Seeing a lot of generic gauges and switches. Also, do the A pillars block your view much? They seem “pushed” towards the drivers line of site when taking a turn.

    Simon B.
    5 Jul 2021

    I don’t wanna be too harsh since it’s a car you are invested in, but:

    While I was expecting the interior to be pretty spartan – considering it’s a racing car first and a road car second – I am still kinda shocked how completely devoid of aesthetics or style it is. I can handle a stripped out interior – like in the F40 for example – but this car really gives off the vibe that it’s been styled by someone who wears socks with sandals. Hard “no” to the turtle skin upholstering, but even disregarding that the interior is kit car level. But, maybe I am too quick to judge and the interior in this prototype is a very early, rough cut of what the actual interior will be – I hope so.

    Other than that, I am curious about one detail – how is the car being crash homologated with 3 seats? I seem to remember that the reason the Speedtail never got homologated was because the side seats are being treated by the regulations as if they were back seats (or something to that effect), with the main problem being that they need frontal air bags (even though there is nothing for your body to hit). However, air bags are really hard to provide since the seats are so far from the dashboard. So am I mistaken with respect to the side seats requiring air bags, have SCG been able to get around that regulation somehow, or have they managed to solve it?

    Richard Hughes
    26 Jul 2021

    Perhaps a silly thought, but would they be offering a choice for which side the gear lever is? I am used to it being on my left in UK cars, and it seems like it could possibly be on either side (engineering-permitting!). Just a thought, definitely a car I’ll be cheering on when I’m able to get back to watch Le Mans (hopefully in 2022). Bravo SCG!

    Ben Coleman
    1 Sep 2021

    Interesting; getting a lot more 330 P4 meets Ford GT (mkII) vibes from these pictures

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