The Mosler MT 900S – Raw but Rewarding

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December 22, 2017
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December 22, 2017

The Mosler MT 900S was one of the most reliable cars I have owned.  It has been not only reliable but in terms of total running costs, easily the least expensive.  The Mosler is a simple formula of bullet proof small block GM sourced V8, Getrag G50 6 speed gearbox, carbon composite chassis, and a brilliant adjustable suspension.  The finish is more race than road car, but that really just adds to the overall experience and impact.  Raw, focused, no nonsense, and with very little that would add any extra weight sum up the MT900S essence.  A few weekends ago, we took it out for a nice long run.  As soon as the engine was properly warmed, we headed for a few lightly trafficked back country roads.  On the way we were able to get the wide low profile tyres warmed fairly quickly and the difference in grip was quite noticeable.  Once things cleared, I took the opportunity to open it up and give the car a good run. When allowed, it just flies.  A clear country road is a great place to enjoy the razor sharp handling and linear power delivery. The combination of fly weight CF tub, big grunty V8, and sharp precise steering, make the Mosler a great car to power around the curvy stuff.  A bit of middle pedal, drop a gear, turn in, hold the throttle, wait for the corner to open, a bit more right foot and the Mosler will just swing and power right out of the corner beautifully.  Body roll is nonexistent.  It really is a car that inspires great confidence.

As accomplished as it is on the road, where it really shines is out on the track.  This is not surprising given its DNA is far more GT race than road car.  A few months ago I was out on a track with a friend in his Enzo.  In a straight line, the Enzo was able to pull away, slightly.  The benefits of a couple of hundred extra bhp evident.  As soon as the tarmac got squiggly, the advantage of lower weight and the huge downforce that the Mosler generates allowed us to close the gap smartly.   Chasing an Enzo around for the better part of a day was just pure fun.  I even enjoyed the 80 mile drive home at the end of the day.  As EVO stated in its initial evaluation of the Mosler, it really is a race car for the Queen’s highway.

As a car to drive, it is hugely capable and completely involving.  Had Mosler’s marketing and interior finish been anywhere near as good as their engineering, these cars might be as well known as Pagani’s.  Unlike the Zonda or Koenigsegg’s, the Mosler’s are proven race winners with a long history of showing Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsche GTs their tailpipes……and then getting banned from different race series for being too quick.

Having owned both a MT900S and a 430 Scuderia, the contrast between two cars that are designed to do similar things is very interesting.  The Mosler is completely analogue while the 430 Scuderia is fully of technology.  Both are wonderfully involving to drive but the Mosler is the more challenging.  If you get it wrong in the Scuderia, the digital brain takes over and sorts things out for you.  Get it wrong in the Mosler and you better be quick.  The limits on both are very high and a track is the only proper place to explore them.


  1. Lewis Warren says:

    Chatted to a guy in a petrol station on the way to Le Mans who had one of these, absolutely amazing cars, so much presence.
    Although for people not in the know of what they are they unfortunately come across as almost kit-car-esque probably due to the rarity/finish of them which is a shame.
    Like the potential Pagani analogy though, hadn’t made the association before, always saw them more as a mix of Noble M12 and Saleen S7.

  2. Scott T Ramsey says:

    Was just introduced to your site. Very good.

    As a Mosler owner myself, and good friend of Warren, I can validate the uniqueness of the car and the inventor. Warren is a self taught engineer and brilliant economist. If you are following the news, he is the father of Modern Money Theory MMT, which is gaining traction in economic and politic circles. Their interpretation is still misguided but it shows the brilliance of Warren. As for the car, it is a pure beast!

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