Range Rover P38 “Borrego Edition” – End of Term

The song “The Gambler” includes the following lyrics:


You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,

Know when to walk away, know when to run.

You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.

There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.


And while the song was written about poker, it is equally applicable to Range Rover ownership.

After a year of Range Rover P38 ownership (see: Range Rover P38 “Borrego Edition”) and still being financially whole, it was time to fold and send it on to a new owner.  All the research I did prior to acquiring the P38 indicated that the ownership experience could be both financially ruinous and similar to one I had with a TVR Griffith (see: TVR) a few year prior, i.e. an exercise in extreme patience and understanding. 


What was originally expected to be a bright yellow financial timebomb arrived on our driveway right before Thanksgiving 2022.  Once we got past a couple of minor issues, and Mrs. SSO asking if we could get it painted another color the 1st time she saw it, life with the P38 was completely uneventful.  A new battery, new rear struts, and new windshield wipers were really all the P38 needed shortly after arrival.  In our year together, the only other maintenance item was adding about ½ liter of coolant.


As a thing to drive, the P38 was quite comfortable, and visibility is outstanding.  It’s quite high off the ground and seems to float down the road.  Turn in isn’t exactly sharp and the brakes require both planning and patience compared to the carbon ceramics I am used to on most of our other cars. Acceleration is best described as stately, but it does get moving quite quickly if you give it time.  Nighttime driving is not recommended as the now ancient headlights don’t exactly turn night into day.

During our time together, the P38’s reliability record was perfect.  Part of that may have been due to our not placing a lot of demands on the big yellow Range Rover.  I think the furthest it ventured from our house was 30 miles and we only put 500 miles on it in total.  It was mostly used for trips the beach and boat with two yellow English Labrador Retrievers sitting majestically in the back.  While I was quite comfortable driving it around town, there was zero chance it was ever going on a road trip.  It always started right up and certainly gathered lots of positive comments when it was parked in town.


There is something uniquely charming about an older Range Rover and this P38 “Borrego Edition” had bucket loads of it.  I feel fortunate to have been able to not only enjoy the Range Rover ownership experience but also to have gotten out of it without facing financial ruin.  As an extra car to drive around town and take to the beach, it was perfect.  However, with summer over, the beach closed, and the mountains calling, it was time to find the P38 a new home.

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February 2024


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3 Thoughts on Range Rover P38 “Borrego Edition” – End of Term
    R Benny
    18 Feb 2024

    You are very lucky! My 4.6HSE cracked the block driving it to the train station as a quick favour for the new owner! My first accessory was Axle Stands!

    Steve Hewett
    19 Feb 2024

    I like Land Rovers, there l’ve said it.

    In fact l have had two Freelander2 SE Automatics, the only fault, granted a recurring one was the EGR valve filling up. I was told by the dealer l really need to give the car some welly, they being unaware of my speeding fines on the motorway. The bush fix was a blanking plate.

    We would have the new Defender, but the price has rocketed.

    Range Rover P38 ?Borrego Edition? - End of Term | karenable - Land Rover News
    19 Feb 2024

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