SSO’s Supercar Plans for 2023

Sitting here on a cold, sunny, first day of spring looking out onto the Rocky Mountains reminded me that the 2023 driving season is right around the corner that now would be a good time to pull together what our car plans are for the year.  This year we are definitely looking at one new arrival with potential another addition that has already passed its Use Case test (see V12 Hunt).  There are a few cars I would like to drive for the 1st (or on a much more extended 2nd) time this year with one on that list has already been checked off during a brilliant long weekend in California in February (see: McLaren Artura Review).  The rest of that list includes the McLaren Speedtail, McLaren Elva, the Ferrari 296 GTS, Ferrari Roma, and the Maserati MC20.  Of the five, I have a high degree of confidence that at least 3 of the 5 will happen.  I’ve chosen each of these as they represent either a “unscratched” itch or are the latest and greatest from there manufacturers.  With the world now having returned to near normal, there are also a few car related events this year that we are planning on participating in that I am quite excited about.

The New Arrival

SCG 004S

The SCG 004S will be the first fully homologated three-seater with a center driving position sold in the US. The SCG 004 is built around a carbon fiber tub, with all carbon fiber body panels. It is powered by a supercharged 650 bhp V8 supplied by GM.  The 6 speed manual gearboxes are supplied by CIMA.  The suspension is inboard pushrod. SCG has spent most of the past year and a half navigating through the US Homologation process and is now moving full speed ahead with production planning for the 004S.  Work on the electronics is finished and the Traction Control / ABS is an added bonus that wasn’t originally planned but was added to the development plan to meet US DOT requirements.  Meeting these requirements has been a major eight figure investment for SCG that just demostrates how committed Jim & Jesse Glickenhaus are to making SCG a success.  From what I understand, our SCG 004S will be the 5th one built.  While everything on paper screams epic supercar, the proof is in how the SCG004S drives.  To date, I haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet but hopefully I will have a chance to test drive one this spring.


The other potential addition I covered in last week’s blog: (see V12 Hunt) and do not have any new news to share yet. 

The Ones To Drive


McLaren Artura

This box has been checked.  Its brilliant (see: McLaren Artura Review).  Can’t wait for the Artura Spider, which I am guessing will arrive in about a year’s time.


McLaren Speedtail

I have never driven a Speedtail and that is entirely my own fault.  I was originally on the Speedtail waitlist and was offered a build slot shortly after production began.  The call came literally a week after we had just closed on a new house.  Hence the timing on having to make a very quick decision was a bit less than optimal and we passed.  Since then the opportunity to drive a Speedtail just has never come up.  Having driven just about every other car McLaren has produced in the last decade, I would very much like to add the Speedtail to that list


McLaren Elva

McLaren very generously gave me the opportunity to drive both versions of the Elva for several hours a little over a year and a half ago (see: Driving the Elva) .  Of the two, the one with the windscreen was my favorite.  Having now spent considerable more time in the related Senna and 765LT Spider, I would really like to go back and spend several days with the Elva.  The main questions I would be looking to answer is just how livable and useable a car the Elva is and can you take it on a road trip.  Pending the answers to those questions, it might just find itself on our longer term bucket list.


Ferrari 296 GTS

Ferrari’s first shot at a mainstream hybrid, the SF90 Stradale was quite polarizing, the people I know who have driven the SF90 have all come back with very different opinions ranging from love to total disenchantment. With the 2nd, the 296 GTB, it looks like they have nailed it.  To date I haven’t had the opportunity to drive either but hope this will change in 2023.  My preference among the variants of both Ferrari hybrids would be the 296 GTS.  In talking to a contact at Ferrari the other day, he described the 296 GTS as brilliant and a car I would thoroughly enjoy.    With the 296 GTs, on paper, it looks like Ferrari has addressed a lot of the not quite positive feedback the SF90 has received and gotten the entire package right.


Ferrari Roma Spider

I had the Roma described to me as simply the best front engine V8 anyone has made to date.  This came from a person who has driven just about everything all the supercar and sportscar manufacturers have made in the last decade.  It is certainly the best-looking front engine GT/Sportscar to emerge from Gaydon (sorry), Maranello in the last decade.  The only thing I can think of that would make it better is if they chopped the roof off, which Ferrari has just done.  In a great demonstration of what the Roma is, the new retractable roof is cloth, not metal, which fits the nature of the car much better. 


Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20 – We’ve had a GranTurismo Cabrio for 7 years now and a Quattroporte for a year.  Both have been terrific.  As the MC20 is Maserati’s first mid-engine (the MC12 was basically a tarted up Ferrari Enzo) I believe it’s definitely worth spending a bit of seat time in one.  On paper it could be a supercar and I would like to find out if it really meets those expectations.  On a number of elements, it certainly ticks the right boxes: its mid-engine, top speed over 200 mph, carbon fiber tub, and a dual clutch transmission.  Where it falls a bit short on paper is weight; it’s a bit flabby, and bhp, where it’s a bit short by today’s supercar standards.  Base pricing is at the top of the sportscar market and with a few options, you are into supercar territory. 

The Events


Sun Valley Tour de Force

For the first time, we will be attending the Annual Sun Valley Tour de Force ( in July.  The main event of the weekend is the 3.2 miles of closed road high speed runs up Phantom Hill.  It’s been called, “One of the best driving events in the world,” and includes eight events take place over the course of three days including a curated Car Show, hosted sponsor events and a live auction fundraiser. The weekend raises funds for The Hunger Coalition and McLaren is the main sponsor this year.  We are very much looking forward to participating and doing a couple of high speed runs up Phantom Hill.


Monterey Car Week

This will be our 2nd trip out to “Car Week” in August after thoroughly enjoying the experience back in 2019.  We already have our tickets to The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering and will be booking Pebble Beach shortly.  The big challenge is picking which of the plethora of wonderful events to attend as the sheer number can be overwhelming. 

Audrain Newport Concours

We participated in the Audrain Newport Concours last year for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Our Ferrari F40 was on the lawn at The Breakers and much to both my surprise and delight came home with a lovely silver bowl.  The fact that the Audrain judging committee both appreciated and valued on the F40’s extensive usage and accompanying stories was wonderful.  While I don’t know if one of our cars will make the main lawn again, we will definitely be attending the Concours in October.


2023 is shaping up as an exciting year and the long weekend with the Artura was a great way to get it started.  I am very much looking forward to the arrival of the SCG 004S and driving a center seater will be a completely new experience.  Another Ferrari V12 GT might just be in the cards if the right car at the right price materializes.  A long weekend with a McLaren Elva would be both spectacular and quite insightful.  If I could add driving a second, three seater, central driving position supercar in the form of the McLaren Speedtail that would be a huge bonus.  The two new but completely different Spiders from Ferrari, the 296 GTS and Roma Spider are both quite intriguing while the Maserati MC20 is a holdover from last year that I would like to finally check off the list.


With the world looking about as normal as I guess it will be for a while now, getting back out to a fuller slate of events is quite exciting.  I think we have three great one’s already planned and might add another 1-2 as we move into spring.  Sun Valley will be a new one for us and we are both very excited to be actively participating.

Thoughts and comments? Please see the comments section below.

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3 Thoughts on SSO’s Supercar Plans for 2023
    John (The original).
    28 Mar 2023

    I like your dig! The Roma is definitely the best looking Aston Martin that they’ve never produced!

    That’s really the sad part, and it’s not just yourself who’s said similar, but so many have commented on how good the Roma looks and reminiscing how how Aston used to make beautiful cars too (Callum era and before). It’s a message that Aston Martin are deaf to.

    V12 models of the Roma have been seen to be getting tested. Or at least those doing the camera work capturing them still in their camouflage says they’re V12s. They have an extra vent on the bonnet (hood) and sound different.

    I’ve only read reviews of the SF90 and some are great and some question how well integrated the hybrid systems are. However, few seem to question them in the 296. But I’d find it hard to see past the F8, the last of non-hybrid models and even then some would question the use of turbos in it. I think it’s a beautiful car.

    And the Artura is a beautiful car too. Recent reviews have all been positive, definitely one I’d put on the list.

    Events in Scotland are very limited. Long ago Johnny Dumfries tried to start an event on the Isle of Bute. A sort of mini-Goodwood with classic and modern cars plus a rally sprint stage. He even had F1 cars running around a loop. Picture an F1 car racing through a forest with 200 year old trees protected by random bales of straw as it struggles for grip on a wet single track road. And whilst the tarmac was freshly laid and looked snooker table flat, the F1 car found the bumps and jumped over them. Sato was amazing that day, often spinning up the rear wheels and the car stepping out on to the grass.

    Not my video of the Mount Stuart Classic, but they must have been standing next to us as that’s my friend’s voice at the end!

    Isle of Bute and Mount Stuart are beautiful and definitely worth visiting as part of a tour of Scotland. I’d also recommend Loch Katrine over Loch Lomond. Especially if they get the Sir Walter Scott running again, a steam ship that sails the loch.

    Main event will be the BTCC, touring car race, at Knockhill. Jackie Stewart started an event last year, but foolishly picked a date that clashed with this. I’d have gone to event too if it weren’t that I take a friend and his young daughter to see the racing every year. She loves the racing and charms all the drivers in the paddock!

    5 Apr 2023

    I do have to wonder how you’re going to get on with Ferrari’s new interiors though; I’m yet to see higher praise than “If I say something bad Ferrari won’t give me access in the future so I better not say anything offensive”.


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