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With the turning of the calendar from one year to the next I have been giving serious thought to which cars I would want the long-term garage to include. The recent articles on both our Ferrari (Part 1: Part 2: ) and McLaren ( ) histories (an article on our Porsche history is in the works) have also stirred a lot of memories both wonderful and in a few cases, a bit less so. Add in a few of the other unique supercars that we have owned over the years and there is a ton of history to sort through. The question though is where we go from here, especially as we are now looking to have significantly less turnover in the collection. Looking back six to eight years ago, we tended to buy more used supercars and rotated a couple in and out of the garage every year. That has shifted over the last several years to the point where most acquisitions now are from new and we have held onto them for multiple years now.

The current garage includes a Ferrari F40 which we have owned for over a dozen years, a four-year-old Maserati GranTurismo Cabrio, a Porsche 911 (997.2) GT3 RS, a McLaren 675LT Spider, 650S Spider, 720S with a Senna coming shortly. There are also a pair of SUVs, a Porsche Cayenne S and a Mercedes Benz ML550. The SUVs are essentially our mountain-based winter utility vehicles. Of this group, the long-term keepers are definitely the F40, 675LT Spider, and the Senna. The 650S Spider and GranTurismo are also likely to be around for an extended period. Both the McLaren 650S Spider & Maserati Granturismo have been outstanding daily drivers ( ) for multiple years and we have owned both from new. The two SUVs will be replaced when they become uneconomical to run. The two supercars that are on the bubble are the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the McLaren 720S, not through any fault of their own but solely due to the future garage vision.

Putting aside space constraints, long term the intent is to:

• Continue adding new McLaren Super and Ultimate Series cars as they are launched
• Finally acquire a good “driver’s” condition Porsche Carrera GT
• Add both a vintage and/or soon to be classic Ferrari
• Add an American Supercar
• Something with an Alfa badge

As any viable strategy includes both choices for and against, the following have been ruled out:

• Lexus LFA (sorry Nick)
• Any post 2010 Ferrari
• Paganis & Koenigseggs
• Another Mosler

On the ruled-out list, succinctly, the choices came down to LFA vs CGT, post 2010 Ferraris vs. McLarens, Paganis & Koenigseggs vs. beach house, and Mosler vs. Ford GT. On the Ferraris vs. McLarens, this is driven by a preference for the latter’s most recent creations plus a terrific relationship with both the local McLaren dealer and McLaren HQ. At this point I have zero relationship with either my local Ferrari dealer in the US or Ferrari North America. Prices on Paganis and Koenigseggs have gone through the roof in recent years and the value equation just doesn’t work for me. The Mosler I believe will be a tough car to own long term given the demise of the company.

Going back to the two cars in the current garage that are on the bubble, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS will likely be included as a part exchange in a deal for a Carrara GT. The same applies to the McLaren 720S when the 7XX LT Spider is launched. Mrs. SSO’s soft spot for the 720S might make it a long-term keeper though. Finishing off the first two bullets under the long-term intent, should McLaren continue to offer me build slots for their limited-edition Super Series and Ultimate Series cars, I will continue to add these to the long-term collection.

On the last three long term intent bullets, I have had a strong itch to acquire a classic Ferrari again for quite a while now. While a F50 tops the list, current pricing makes that unrealistic. The realistic options are a 365 GTB/4 Daytona, a 1975-1979 308 GTB, and a 430 Scuderia (see: ). While the last isn’t old enough to be a classic yet, I believe it will be. As long-distance GTs go, the Daytona is still the benchmark against which all others are measured ( ) and an early carbureted 308 GTB is joy to drive.

As an American, there is a bit of an irrational desire to include an American supercar. From everything I have seen, read, and experienced, the one that checks all the boxes is the current Ford GT. I have submitted an application for the next round of GT build slots and will hear back in March if I have been accepted. Given I have no direct history with Ford, I know this is a very long shot. If the GT selection committee at Ford does smile on me, the GT would definitely be A long-term keeper. If the Ford GT does not happen, a Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 004S would be an alternative option.

The final bullet was on an Alfa. I have had a soft spot for Alfas for as long as I can remember ( ). Alfas are some of the most maddening yet engaging cars I have ever owned. Alfas are the gifted child who still wets its bed of the automotive world. I don’t think any sports car collection would be complete without an Alfa.

If I look at the long-term garage goal, right now we are over half way there. Outside of the future McLarens, we are looking at 3-4 additional cars. Timing will be dependent on multiple factors including the car market, economy, and garage space. If I stand back and take a hard look at the list, it’s not much different from a bucket list I wrote up four years ago. Hence it feels right and now we just need to make it happen.

Thoughts and comments? Please see the comments section below.

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