Ambitious Plans of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

When I was considering putting down a deposit on a SCG 004S ( Decision Time 004S), I took a long look at the rest of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ planned range.  To say the least, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) has ambitious plans both on and off the race track.  I can’t think of another small car company that has announced 4 new models, all of which are planned to be in production in the next three years.  All four models are distinctively different cars, each will be engineered for both racing (denoted with a C after the model number) and the road (denoted with an S for base or CS for road & track).  The models range from the all-terrain SCG Boot to the LeMans LMP1 hypercar, the SCG 007.  All in, this is a huge undertaking. With the first deliveries of the 004S due late this year, we will find out if SCG is on track shortly.  

The fact that SCG is even able to make road cars, we can thank Trump for (full story starting at 2:10 SCG Interview).  Under US law, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration must respond to a submission within 90 days or it is considered approved.  When the Trump administration took power in January 2017, they basically fired everyone at the NHTSA.  SCG then submitted eight cars for approval in April 2017. When the NHTSA did not respond within the 90-day period, SCG had the approvals it needed to produce up to 325 cars a year as a NHTSA approved Low Volume Manufacturer.

The first of the models due out the door is the 004.  I have put down a deposit down on a 004S and we are expecting a very late 2020 delivery. The 004 could be the first (if it beats the McLaren Speedtail to delivery on the 1stcustomer car)  three-seater with center driving position since the iconic McLaren F1. The 004S will have a carbon fiber tub and be powered supercharged 650 bhp V8.  You have the option of either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed paddle shift gearbox. SCG is also building a more track focused version of the 004, the 004CS which will have an extra 200 bhp and more aggressive aero. The 004 will be built in a new factory in Danbury, Connecticut. Connecticut does host a number of major high-tech manufacturers including United Technologies, Lockheed Martin, & General Dynamics producing everything from jet engines to submarines so the manufacturing expertise SCG needs is readily available. With over 7,500 hours of engineering design and simulations already completed, things seem to be well on track.  I’m not sure how many 004’s in total SCG is planning on building but would like to see them declare a cap on the production run as it will both drive interest and support values long term.

The other car currently in late stage development is the SCG Boot. The SCG Boot is an all-terrain 4-wheel drive vehicle designed to race in the Baja 1000 and as a tribute to Steve McQueen’s Baja Boot. It will be able to climb over rocks and run at high speed.  Unlike the 004, only the S and CS versions will be available.  SCG has indicated that there are three Boots available for 2019 delivery.  The Boot looks like nothing else I have seen on the road and may be the first mid-engine super all-terrain vehicle ever built.

Following the 004 & Boot will be the 006, in both coupe and spider form, along with the 007 hypercar.  Both the 006 & 007 are targeted for 2021.  On the 007, SCG has stated that in addition to the WEC/Le Mans LMP1 class race cars, with which they intend to contest the 2020/2021 WEC championship with, production will be limited to 25 road cars.  I would guess each will carry a price tag north of $2 mil. The 006 looks to be a homage to the beautiful Ferrari 275 GTB and 275 GTB/4 NART Spider from the mid 60’s.  The pricing on the 006 is in the $250-300k range depending on coupe or spider.  Unlike the carbon tub on the 004, the 006 will have a steel chassis with a carbon fiber body.  It will however carry over much of the suspension design from the 004 and be available as a GT4 race car.

All in, in the next three years, SCG is committed to producing the first 3-seater since the McLaren F1, a LMP1 Le Mans race car, an all-terrain race car, and a fun classic sports car that will also be suitable for racing in the GT4 category.  Ambitious to say the least, especially when you compare this to Pagani which has produced two cars in twenty-seven years.  Almost forgot, SCG currently manufacturers the SCG 003 in both road and race trim.  It ran a 6:33 at the Nurburgring in race trim so SCG has proven then can deliver.  I very much hope they succeed long term as it would be great for the US to finally have its own supercar manufacturer.

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